"Our Purpose is to Inspire One Million Women to Manifest the Career or Business of Their Dreams"

Can you look inside yourself and honestly say the life you are living is one that truly reflects your potential?

Do you have a deep desire to design your new beginning from your own unique passion and brilliance?

You may know why you want to make  a positive change...

You may even know what to do to transform your current situation...

"Where we excel, where our passion at Quantum Vantage resides, is providing you with exactly how this can be achieved and ensure you have 100% support above and beyond your expectations!"

What Our Clients Say


"I wanted a better financial quality of life and to stop plodding along. I knew a woman like Toni Eastwood wouldn't put her name to an average programme.
I found the Visionary Women's Programme different and incredible value compared to any other training programme I have previously done."

Keely McBride, Founder - Face Perfect Clinic

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The Woman Beyond Six Secrets To Success

Based on the science and habits of top performers, our founder Toni C. Eastwood OBE, MBA has spent the last 30 years researching the roots to business and personal success. From Ancient Wisdom to Modern Science and Positive Psychology.
"Believe me, I have researched it all!! With one aim, to find and bring to YOU the tips, tools and secrets of some of the worlds most EXTRA-ORDINARY people."

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I've developed the unique ASPIRE© Model  that provides you with powerful solutions,  simple, practical tools that are proven to help you take your business, your career and your life to the next level.

Are you fed up with not feeling good enough, not spending the time you need to take your life to the next level?
Do you want to make a positive difference, want to take the next step towards a passion or a goal you've always dreamed of, but not sure what to do or how to go about it?

Then you're in the right place, we've helped thousands of women just like you to:-

  • Accelerate their business start up and growth plans
  • Take their confidence to a new high
  • Deal with long standing frustrations and conflicts
  • Take powerful steps to realise career and business ambitions
  • Realise the talents and skills of team members that were previously overlooked
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Inspire and Motivate Those Around You With Our Range of Phenomenal Programmes!

Visionary Women

Take your confidence to a new high. Designed specifically to inspire women who have a desire to sparkle, realise their true potential, fulfil their dreams and awaken their greatness......

Future Female Leader

A unique programme designed to empower and accelerate change, helping you to envisage a compelling future, one that impacts both the present and accelerates you toward the career you’ve dared to dream of.

Quantum Woman

Transform your life, career or start that new business you've always dreamed of..... Achieve your personal aspirations with powerful tools and techniques that will provide the blueprint for your success...