101 Affirmations 

101 Affirmations - to help you live your BEST life now

Achieve your BIGGEST most HAIRY, most AUDACIOUS GOALS.

Want PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION, WEALTH, HEALTH or BUSINESS SUCCESS - Achieve your wildest career and business aspirations? Change your mindset in just days with these simple affirmations.

"Your Abundance is hiding the very thing you are afraid to do.

It’s time to face your fears and take action. Expect Miracles!"

Joe Vitale

Don’t hold back another moment. Get ready to dive into the experience and explore your BIGGEST MOST AUDACIOUS GOALS. 

This book of Affirmations is the culmination of her 28 years of vigorous research, unearthing the secrets, tricks and techniques of some of the world’s most extra ordinary people. From ancient cultures and religious texts, western and eastern business leadership, sports psychology and the insight of spiritual gurus, mindfulness and the latest neuroscience.

Her research involved reading hundreds of books and research papers. She engaged with numerous learning and development programmes, hour after hour, stretching and challenging herself -when she realised ALL the great teachers and philosophers, old and new, come back to the same basic principles again and again.

Toni’s one aim, now, is to bring to you the art of powerful affirmations to help you realise your true potential, fulfil your dreams and awaken your greatness.

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Exploring The Science And Habits Of Top Performers

Our Visionary Women, Six Secrets To Success Programme, Quantum Woman Membership Programme and Transformational Coaching are designed specifically to inspire women who have a desire to sparkle, realise their true potential, fulfil their dreams and awaken their greatness.

Toni is passionate about supporting women in business, those who want to refocus and achieve their life and business ambitions. We want to help you uncover your BIGGEST MOST AUDACIOUS GOALS, find out what's stopping you from achieving them and inspire you to make it your reality.

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"I wanted a better financial quality of life and to stop plodding along, parts of success can be measured by fast cars and assets! I knew a woman like Toni Eastwood wouldn't put her name to an average programme. I found the Visionary Women's Programme different and much better to any other training programme I have previously done. I really enjoyed the peer support of the other business women in my group."

Keely McBride, Founder - Face Perfect Clinic