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Let's be clear... This membership is dedicated to achieving results.

This High Impact membership programme brings you access to regular and bitesize, easily digestible, powerful and practical content – at a single monthly fee

You will be part of a network of incredible peers who are all just as motivated as you along their journey to success and fulfilment, this group will make you thrive!

Our Big, Hairy, Audacious  Goal is to transform your results by moving from theory to practice to mastery.

We've literally pulled out all of the stops to pack everything into this membership all available online live or through our Networking Platform so you can consume at your convenience – AND we've kept it at a low monthly fee to ensue you get TONNES of value.

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Transform Your Life, Business or Career...

...With Quantum Woman, Join our Founder and CEO Toni Eastwood OBE, MBA and our lead Transformational Coaches. 

We feature the most cutting edge Ideas and strategies from the Greatest Leadership and Personal Transformation Thinkers, from Ancient Wisdom to Modern Science and Positive Psychology. 

A lifetime of research and development into the secrets of the world’s most Extraordinary people distilled into my powerful, practical ASPIRE© Model to help you achieve your Biggest Most Audacious Goals for Business and Life.

Make 2021 Your Best Year Yet – and the start of an amazing journey of personal transformation and growth.

SPECIAL OFFER - Pay your membership up front and get 3 months for free - talk to our team for further information or to  join call or text 07526 499 373,  0330 223 0379, hello@quantumvantage.co.uk

Membership JUST £99 a Month

Transform Your Career, Business and Your Life

For just £99 per month here is the phenomenal value you will receive...


  • QUICK TIPS  easily digestible Personal Growth and Leadership Tips direct to your inbox -  The world’s best
    wisdom distilled into inspiring, impactful and practical Quantum-lessons you can apply right now And ALWAYS.
  • PRIVATE MEMBERS GROUP - Network in complete confidence with our community of like-minded women, striving to live their best lives right now 


  • MASTERY CLASSES  Watch live or at your leisure through the Quantum Woman Portal. This series ensures you get down to the nuts and bolts - providing the foundations and fundamentals for a vast realm of leadership and personal growth topics.
  • LIVE COACHING - A live group coaching call with me and my team of Master Transformational Coaches following each Mastery Class - via Zoom
(This alone is worth the investment and we are not done yet!!) 
  •  BOOK CLUB - book of the month - bringing you bite sized super digestible ideas, advice and thinking from some of the worlds top personal growth, transformation and leadership performance Authors - Imagine the best ideas from the best books that you wished you had the time to read, that are stacked by your bedside!!! We’ve got your back.  
  • THE QUANTUM WOMAN PODCAST -  where we interview Women in Business, owners and Leaders sharing
    their trials and tribulations and their Tips for overcoming the inevitable hurdles of Life, Business and Leadership, PLUS the
    tools they’ve used for Success


  • QUANTUM WOMAN LIVE  2 Tickets to Our Unique Personal Growth and Business Transformation Conference,  great Speakers, Fabulous Content and Inspirational Energy!

BONUS PACK - PLUS during your first 6 months you will get 

  • The Woman Beyond – Six Secrets to Success E-Book 
  • 10 Day Self Care Challenge
  • Daily Gratitude Journal
  • 101 Affirmations
  • 101 Tips for living your best life now
  • Showpiece Day Journal

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My Personal journey in overcoming the adversity of a bullied childhood and personal demons. My resilience and tenacity to turn my pain and anguish into the drive to succeed.

Quantum Woman Membership Programme is the culmination of my 30 years of vigorous research, unearthing the secrets, tricks and techniques of some of the world’s most extra ordinary people. From ancient cultures and religious texts, western and eastern business leadership, sports psychology and the insight of spiritual gurus, mindfulness and the latest neuroscience. My studies involved reading hundreds of books and research papers. I've engaged with numerous learning and development programmes, hour after hour, stretching and challenging myself all with one aim…

To find and bring to you the definitive secrets and tools to help you realise your true potential, fulfil your dreams and awaken your greatness.

Quantum Woman is for you if you feel unfulfilled, you want less stress, you’re fed up with your boss, you want to make more money, get out of debt, you want a career you feel more aligned to, you want more fulfilling relationships, you want to get fit, lose weight, you want to get out of the shadow of someone else, stop hiding your light under a bushel, you want to do something for you, to be selfish, without feeling guilt for a change, you want to start your own business, you want a new direction BUT you are not sure what that is or how to go about it.

99% of the thousands of clients who have successfully worked with me on my unique ASPIRE© Model said that one, two, a few, or even most of the above applied to them and the powerful secrets within have helped them to achieve amazing and transformational results.

Believe me I have pushed past boundaries, knocked down barriers to be the successful business woman and entrepreneur that I am today!

“I Know there’s something stopping you getting what you want, whether it’s starting that business, achieving that promotion, that income, that figure you secretly dream you are worth. Go for it, enjoy the ride, you could be just one step away.”

Here's to your Success

Toni X

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