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From Transformational Expert, Creator Of The Six Secrets To Success
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 Toni C. Eastwood OBE, MBA

 "My job is to see the potential in people and help them foster it. For some it is very obvious, for others it is more subtle, but having 30 years of experience in personal  growth and enterprise development I can confidently say that everyone has something EXTRAORDINARY in them."

Everyone has a business, a work of art, a book or a successful career inside of them, you just have to draw it out! Growing up in a tumultuous environment myself I know what it's like to struggle, to lack support or to feel like you won’t amount to much.

But going from that toxic environment to being the Director of Talent for a FTSE 30 company and to now running a successful Personal Transformation business for the last 12 years, I believe we are all destined for greatness.

You can’t create a diamond without pressure, if you put in the work you’re going to shine bright!

My team are experienced researchers and training programme writers, facilitators, keynote speakers, mentors and coaches and between us have worked with SMEs and large businesses, across all sectors, delivering transformational programmes from the front line to the Boardroom.

Toni C. Eastwood OBE, MBA 
Transformation Guru in Chief

Toni has spent the last 30 years carving out her own career in research, leadership, talent and skills development. Launching Quantum Vantage Ltd in 2016, her award-winning research and talent programmes have helped hundreds of organisations and 1000s of individuals. 
She knows what it’s like to have a huge ambition and leave the familiar behind. Previously Director of Talent at a FTSE 30 Company developing and implementing the talent and skills strategy from shop floor to Boardroom for 116,000 employees. In particular leading the Gender and pipeline programmes in support of the Davies report 2011.

Toni has published research and economic strategies around the skills, diversity and inclusion agendas at Ministerial and senior levels within key Government departments including Skills, Business, Cabinet, Treasury and Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. Her research and analysis have driven regional and sector skills strategies across UK since 2004. 

This includes the design and delivery of multi-million-pound government programmes and initiatives working with Regional Development Agencies, LEP’s, ESF, ERDF, UKCES, National and Regional Industry and Sector Bodies such as Skills for Logistics, Sports England. 

Toni was awarded her OBE in 2007 for her work and contributions to Diversity and Inclusion. She has been interviewed on Sky TV, BBC’s Breakfast, LBC Radio and appeared in articles in various magazines and national media including, Worldwide Who’s Who, The Guardian, Observer, BDaily, Yorkshire Living and many more. 

In her published work (see below), Toni identifies the key barriers to entrepreneurship, leadership, and growth for economic and labour market engagement in enterprise and the future skills needs in key growth sectors. From this insight she developed her scientifically proven ASPIRE© Model.

•           West Yorkshire, Transport, Logistics, Construction, Manufacturing and Engineering 2016

•           Roma Research, Sheffield ESFA 2017

•           Eight Growth Sectors York, North Yorkshire, and East Riding July 2018

•           The Woman Beyond – Six Secrets to Success (2018)

•           Breaking Barriers, Women in the Workforce (2003)

•           Breaking Barriers – Women and The Glass Ceiling (2003)

•           Breaking Barriers – Social Inclusion, BAME (2003)

•           Women in ITEC – DTI (2004)

•           Gender stereotyping and the Gender pay Gap (2023)

She and her team bring unique insights, understanding and empathy from their experience in the research, starting and growing two successful businesses herself and delivery at the coal face.

Lesley Craven MA
Director of Programmes and Lead Transformational Coach

Lesley brings a multifaceted depth of experience to her role as a business coach, with a rich background spanning various sectors. Her 30+ years in leadership and management roles has been marked by significant achievements and contributions, particularly at the Assistant Director level within a Local Authority.

Lesley’s track record in the Public and VCSE Sectors exemplifies her commitment to driving change within diverse organisations. Her approach to coaching in SME Development is both strategic and personal, emphasising resilience, passion, and the dismantling of limiting beliefs.

Lesley has extensively led our flagship programmes over the last 5 years as programme director, embedding our own A.S.P.I.R.E Model© Her specialised training, and sector-specific knowledge make her a credible and highly respected business coach. Her genuine passion for leadership development and social empowerment is evident in her personalised coaching strategies that have positively influenced a wide range of individuals and businesses.

Kelly Shepherd
Lead Programme Coach 

Her professional journey is marked by a significant contribution to SMEs and large corporations, where she has implemented strategies that foster organisational growth and enhanced performance. Kelly's approach is comprehensive, encompassing a variety of specialised areas. 

With experience across a range of sectors:

·       Advanced Manufacturing

·       Engineering

·       Health

·       Wellbeing

·       Finance

·       Human Resources

·       Sustainability

Anita Bowie
Head of Quality - Lead Trainer

Anita is extremely thorough in all she does and keeps the Quantum Vantage team and clients on track and ensures the delivery of our programmes meet our stringent requirements. As an experienced Trainer and Coach, Anita also leads on the delivery of our Management and Leadership Qualification Programmes and is our Lead Internal Quality Assessor (IQA).

Gwenn Winters

Gwenn Winters is a widely respected expert on skills and labour market information. Holding a PG Cert in Research Methods, she has designed and delivered a range of large-scale research projects for various clients in the space. Gwenn has worked closely with other sector bodies in the production of LMI to inform skills policy and qualifications. She programme managed and documented the successful delivery of the large and small projects by applying a range of PPM techniques. 

Dr. Ross Moloney
Research Specialist Adviser

Ross has a long history of working in skills, employment research and policy and has a particular interest in developing innovative methods of delivery, particularly relating to marginalised groups, including first generation migrants, rural communities etc. Researched and taught at two Russell Group Universities and worked at very highest level of the debates. Previously at Sector Skills Development Agency and UKCES, Ross was most previously CEO for Skills for Logistics. Ross is a trusted and regular contributor to many organisations on skills and employment research. A trained and distinguished quantitative and qualitative researcher, Dr Moloney is our lead research adviser.

Ross, Toni and Gwenn have worked together for over 20 years and they have delivered major research projects, for Government Departments, Local Enterprise Partnerships and Sector Representative Bodies.
Together they have co-authored some of the UKs most important research reports in the area of employability, inclusion, talent and skills.