Get Clarity On Exactly What You Want In Life

Discover How The Visionary You Programme offers you a Simple Solution to Getting Clarity on Exactly What You Want Next in Life.

Plus the Belief You Can Get There, Without the Self-Doubt and Sabotage that's Been Stopping You So Far.

You will delve deeply into our A.S.P.I.R.E. - Six Secrets to Success© Model to discover the powerful, proven tips and tools that provide not just the ‘what’ or ‘when’ but most importantly the ‘HOW’ reignite your identity and purpose to go out into the world with the clarity that you crave…


Reach Beyond Your Limits, Soar Beyond Your Barriers, Live Beyond Your Dreams.

It all starts with you - right here, right now.

 Do Any Of These Sound Familiar?

 You have a burning passion inside you, but you're not quite sure how to ignite it. 

  • You know there's more to life than what you're currently experiencing, but you're uncertain about the path forward. 
  • You dream of having the freedom of both time and money to pursue what truly lights you up. 
  • You wrestle with self-doubt and a constant stream of negative self-talk that's holding you back. 
  • You're ready to seize control of your life, face your challenges head-on, and make meaningful changes.

If you nodded your head to any of these, you're not alone.  I've been there too.

I know exactly how these feelings can impact on your life. This is why I have spent the last 10 years researching and refining my model. It’s all come from first-hand experience. 

In 2010, in my mid forties, I secured what I thought was the pinnacle of my career dreams; a Director in a FTSE 30 Company, doing what I love – identifying and creating talent within the Company. It was the quintessential, six figure  salary and all singing benefit package, and I thought, WOW, I have finally  made it!!!

BUT, it was not all it seemed to be.   First, I thought I could handle the daily cold showers of head office politics and the negative, egotistical, pale, male environment, the not walking the talk, the constant mismatch between the brand values and the actual reality - because I believed in the vision and loved working with the many vital colleagues, who were the lifeblood of the business.

Just, 18 months later, I realised I was a shadow of my former self, I had lost all confidence and self-belief and I felt I was back in the school playground again – I'd completely lost my identity - I knew I had to get out!!!

It came to what they call a “compromise"!! I had made myself redundant...

And here’s what I created instead...I finally started the business I had always dreamed of. Putting my 30 years of research 

into what makes successful people, well successful!!! 


A Transformational Programme tailored specifically for you to,

reignite that purpose and passion for what it is you really want in life.

 The programme offers;

  • The opportunity to rediscover your purpose so that you can get that clarity of what it is YOU really want 
  • A group programme leading you through  A.S.P.I.R.E. - Six Secrets to Success© Model - They’re not rocket science, they are easy to implement and will make a difference to how you think and feel about yourself, your business and your life - immediately!!! 
  •  A network of like-minded individuals to support and hold each other’s feet to the fire on the journey to achieving your go
  • Tips and Tools to be able to use in both life and business that provide you with the courage and self-belief you can do ‘IT’,    whatever that ‘IT’ is for you
  • Weekly mastermind sessions and group coaching to continue to help you develop and drive that motivation to be  successful, fulfilled and confident.

This isn’t like any programme you’ve seen or experienced before…

I’m sure you are reading this and thinking you have heard it all before and you’re wondering how this transformation could be any different than everything else out there.

Well, let me share a few things with you…

The Visionary You Programme is like no other programme out there. Not only have I designed this specifically for entrepreneurial thinkers, those who can think outside the box for solutions and not find themselves held back by the norm. 

This is for you if you are..

  • In it for the long haul
  • An action taker
  • Ambitious and willing to put the deep work in
  • Looking for your tribe
  • Open to support and willing to share
  • Willing to trust in the process

Programme Cost

£1497.00  - 6 week programme, weekly live masterclasses,   group coaching  and  Private Whats App Group.

Payment terms* also available - pay in up to 3 installments.  

See Dates Below .

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Visionary You is all about providing you with the space and the tools to be able to listen to your inner voice when you know you are not feeling truly aligned and provide you with the simple tips and tools that instill the courage you need and the self-belief to be able to get you to both who and where you really want to be in life.

Get the Business and Life you desire by implementing each of the Six Secrets in a way that works for you

Get clarity on who and where you want to be in this phase of your life by working through the powerful tools provided

Get a renewed belief in yourself, stop the negative self-talk that has been getting in the way of you achieving what you want in your life

Get the courage and confidence you need to believe in yourself again and to trust in your decisions

   Reignite your purpose and identity with a powerful plan that brings clarity and structure you need to prevent overwhelm and burnout     

Gain increased energy, greater fulfillment in work, business, your health and home, with higher levels of focus and improved self-worth

Get the Accountability you need to hold your feet to the fire, through the ready network of like-minded women that this programme brings, providing encouragement and safe space to sound things out

Don't forget The Private Whats App Group giving you unique access to me and my team of Transformation Coaches for those times 

when only 1-2-1 support will cut it

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Secrets One to Three 

PURPOSE    Reignite that purpose, no more doing things because you feel you have to, feel excited again about
what it is YOU WANT to do and gain the courage to go out and do it.

IDENTITY    Discover more about who you are and who you want to be. How behaviour and feelings impact on our identity - how to be the best version of ourselves.

ATTITUDE    Develop that growth mindset - transform your attitude and tools to flip the switch and use obstacles as fuel for growth.

Secrets Four to Six

STRUCTURE  Create that Showpiece Day for yourself, that turns into a week, month and beyond.

Get lots of tools and tips on how to do this and feel the impact on your life immediately.

RESPONSIBILITY  Recognise those barriers, remove blame, and become highly proactive, taking responsibility for the choices you make that will get you to where you want to be in life and business.

EXECUTION  Build habits that become second nature. Create a plan that will achieve that Wildly Important Goal and discover those diamonds in your own backyard that can help you achieve what it is you are going for.


This all culminates into Areté - Excellence. You discover the best version of you and how to put this new courage and self-belief into action to change your life.

I know you are probably thinking...

Here’s How I Know This Will Work For You...​

Visionary You is like nothing you’ve seen or experienced before.

It’s not a ‘Fur Coat, No Knickers’ programme – I have traveled this path in my mid 40s. Everything I share with you has been scientifically proven, researched and practiced by myself and my team.

 That is why I can give you the most important part.. the HOW – the tips, the tools to enable you to get laser focused on what it is that YOU WANT, complete clarity and the courage and self-belief to make it happen.

 This is a programme that holds your feet to the fire, to help you to reignite your passion and will ensure you move beyond who you are currently being, to who you are capable of being in business, home and life, alongside providing a safe and nurturing environment.

What You Can Expect:

Uncover your inner fire and learn how to fuel it.   Discover a roadmap to a more fulfilling life. 

Gain the skills to achieve financial freedom and time freedom. 

Overcome self-doubt and silence negative self-talk. 

Seize control of your destiny and make lasting changes.

Don't let another day go by feeling stuck, lost, or unfulfilled. 

The IGNITE Your Vision, Your Business Programme is here to help you rise above the challenges and craft the life you truly deserve.

Are you ready to embark on this journey with us?  It's time to become the visionary version of yourself you've always known you could be.

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