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21st Century Leadership

Designed to spur innovation and achieve high performance. Leaders and managers need different skills, particularly in today’s tough economy causing stress for many employees.

Innovation and Entreprenurial Leadership

The programme brings together powerful tools developed from our 30+ years of research into business and leadership success, from ancient philosophy, to modern psychology and neuroscience with practical pragmatic solutions for fast implementation and Return on Investment.

Future Leaders

A dynamic space that has been referred to as "invaluable" and "life-changing" for women looking to harness their power and unleash their Management and Senior Leadership qualities!

Higher Performing Workplaces

The WYCC Higher Performing Workplaces delivers packages of skills support to grow internal talent in Small and Medium companies.

Leadership Navigator

Delegates have an opportunity to explore a new leadership paradigm which supports their transition to Senior Executive Leader.

Agile Management

Do you want your team to work more efficiently and effectively? Agile introduces new ways of working on projects, creating manageable tasks to break down large projects in short iterations (Sprints) enabling your team to adapt to constant change quickly to deliver outputs.

Strategic Planning

Revitalise, accelerate and supercharge your business. Tailored to your requirements, we provide the necessary practical tools to take your business further than ever before, to manage the continuous changes and challenges of business ownership.

Beyond Tomorrow

Untap your Talents now, if you are looking for a new direction, to build your confidence our "Beyond Tomorrow Programme" provides opportunities to get focused and build a plan to achieve the job or career that YOU want or help you to start that business you've always dreamed of.

Funding Available 

We have a range of fully and part funded programmes available. Check them out here.