Tools For Living Your Best Life Now

Hi Toni here.  
I hope this finds you well?

Practicing Gratitude.
Gratitude is an approach to life that amplifies what's awesome and gives us perspective to deal with temporary adversity. It's also one of the practices most highly-correlated with well-being.
So… let's appreciate the gifts we've been blessed with.
What are three things in your life that you’re grateful for? (Let’s write them down. memo)

1: ____________

2: ____________

3: ____________

1: I’m grateful for the opportunity to be alive at a time when I can witness all of humanity collectively coming together to confront a common challenge.
2: I’m grateful for the sunshine today and to sit listening to the joyful birds singing and to see the new baby bunnies bouncing around our front garden, that my fabulous Husband is keeping me supplied with cups of Redbush Tea and that we and our friends and families are so far all still healthy. grinning face with smiling eyes 
3: I’m grateful for the gift that our ASPIRE Model has been in my life, and for the way that it has helped to me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually prepare to navigate everything that life entails.

 Kinda crazy how doing that super-quick practice has me feeling a bit brighter than I was before.

Now…Back to those updates.

We’re incredibly inspired by all of the different ways that our clients and partners and fellow human beings have stepped into hērōic service as a result of COVID-19.
From the men and women on the “front lines” of this fight as first responders, doctors, nurses, etc., to the parents and grandparents who have assumed caregiver and teacher roles, to those who are lending financial support to others (for example through purchasing gift-certificates, waiving rent, paying wages during self isolation, or offering services for free), and everyone in between: thank you. folded hands 

We want to help, too. So we put together a collection of wisdom for thriving during difficult times and navigating COVID-19 offering our ASPIRE MODEL And associated toolkits and e-books for FREE.  
All of the content on that page is 100% free to access.

PLUS We’re also extending free access to our Quantum Woman programme for 3 months if you’re a first responder/doctor/nurse/etc or teacher we’d love to celebrate and appreciate you with a free Quantum Woman membership. (Just drop us a note here.)

Let's do this 
Toni x

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  • 101 Tips for Living Your Best Life Now
  • Showpiece Day
  • Daily Attitude Shower
  • 10 Day Self-Care Challenge


My one aim is to inspire other women to believe that no matter what life throws at you, there is always something better on the other side. As Ryan Holiday and the ancient Stoics tell us "The Obstacle is The Way". I spent too many years of my life paralyzed by the demons of a bullied childhood, the resulting lack of self-esteem and not feeling good enough. Don't let that be you.

If you want to find out more about how I overcame my demons and turned my story into the business of my dreams through my Unique ASPIRE© Model for Success, download a free copy of my book #TheWomanBeyond - Six Secrets to Success.

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