Simmering or Boiling

Have you ever heard of “activation energy”?

Me neither, until a few years ago. It’s another formula, this time not from maths, but chemistry and physics. One thing I realise time and time again is that there are life lessons to be learned from everywhere, I have already shared with you that the model that I developed for personal and business transformation and success (ASPIRE© - Six Secrets to Success) is based on my 30 years of research, taking in Antient Wisdom, Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and sharing practical tools from everywhere and when I say that I really, really mean it, there’s even Harry Potter Wisdom.

 So, this is a tool from old school science.

What is it then, I hear you asking!!


Activation Energy 


That is the minimum amount of energy that must be provided for compounds to result in a chemical reaction.


A great, but what might seem a mundane example is WATER: Water only boils once it reaches its activation energy point of 100 degrees Celsius (212 °F). 20 degrees won’t make it happen, 85 degrees won’t do it and not even 99 degrees will do it. Sure, you’ll get lots of simmering but certainly no boiling.

If you want boiling, you’ve got to get the heat all the way up to 100°. Then the magic will happen, you’ll undergo the “specified reaction” and boil.

Same rules apply with creating fire. 232 degrees Celsius (451 °F) is where the magic happens here. So if your busy rubbing two sticks together and get to 200 degrees? Nothing. 225°? Nothing. 230°? Nope. Nothing.

BUT at 232°?

BAM! Let there be light.

BOOM! You’ve got Activation Energy.

And your point is Toni? All of this is to arrive at this question: Are you simmering or are you boiling?

Because if you’re not willing to flip the switch and go ALL IN, you won’t arrive at the necessary Activation Energy required to undergo the specified reaction of stepping into your truly Goddess, heroic potential.

Btw. As I said this is not a new idea. (No great wisdom ever is.) Socrates used to tell his students they needed to approach life with the same intensity of a man whose face is underwater struggles for oxygen.

Eastern mystics have used the same basic metaphor—telling us that we need to approach this whole process of enlightened living like a wo(man) whose hair is on fire approaches a pond. YIKES!

Let’s do that.


Stay Focussed, Keep Positive and Choose to +1 in Every Moment. Fulfil Your Dreams and Awaken Your Greatness!

Toni Eastwood OBE, MBA #TheWomanBeyond