More About Motivation

I previously introduced you to the fab little formula that can really help to get you fired up.


In case you need a reminder: Motivation = Value x Expectancy

                                                                             Impulsivity x Delay


Here’s a quick recap: Our motivation will always (and only ALWAYS) be driven by how excited or driven we feel about getting or achieving something (Value) and how confident we are that we can have or achieve it (Expectancy). To the extent we REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want something and REALLY, REALLY, REALLY know we can get it, we’re so much more likely to show up and put the hard work in.

Then, of course, we need to make sure we don’t evaporate that motivation by getting distracted by all the shiny click bait and push notifications constantly flipping up on our screens and hooking us into social media and diverting our attention!!! (Impulsivity). Plus ensuring that we set and keep micro goals in front of us so it’s easier and we’re always making progress (Delay).

All of this, as I said is super powerful. I often run the numbers, to give me a stronger view of where I am at, give yourself a score out of 10 on each of the variables and it’s going to give you a very clear indication. Go on, I am serious, look at the data to see where you can make some tiny tweaks to optimise.

HOWEVER… all that being true, here’s what I think that equation should *more realistically* be:

Motivation = ENERGY x (Value x Expectancy

                                           Impulsivity x Delay)


I’ll be honest and tell you my reason behind that thinking. I have had a tough few weeks, I’m sure I’m not alone in that – the world seems a funny place at the moment, everything seems a lot harder to get done and the truth is, I have really been struggling with my energy. I realised that this is key, if your energy sucks, the whole equation falls apart.

When you’re tired, you just don’t *see* the world the same way. Literally. How’s your energy right now?

Not so fun fact. Did you know sleep deprived people have bad memories for good stuff but good memories for bad stuff? BLIMEY!!! It’s true. But that’s another Blog ..

So, our number One priority is to focus on how we optimise our energy. If you have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning, you’re going to have a hard time reaching your potential.

So… What’s the number One thing you are going to START doing to Eat/Move/Sleep/Breathe/Focus better and the number One thing you are going to STOP doing to build your energy (and as a result improve Motivation) today?

Let’s Plus+1 your energy today!! Keep me posted.


Stay Focussed, Keep Positive and Choose to +1 in Every Moment. Fulfil Your Dreams and Awaken Your Greatness!

Toni Eastwood OBE, MBA #TheWomanBeyond