I am sure that we are all experiencing the feeling that there is an element of madness and disruption going on in the world, I feel times are a bit strange, how about you?

Although if we think about it, when has there not been a state of flux? Nothing stays the same does it and there always will be some sort of change happening!!  The inevitable ups and downs of life.

I love this concept. ANTIFRAGILE. How do we become ANTIFRAGILE so that, no matter what is happening ‘out there’, we can always choose to respond in our most optimal way?

I have been having this very discussion with some of my current Visionary Women Programme Clients this week.  Some of them have seen businesses tank in the last couple of months, some of them have seen a real change and challenge in their lives, like nothing they have experienced before and others have seen opportunities and managed to pivot and capitalise on these opportunities, either way the common theme for these women is how to remain focussed and strong, no matter what is thrown at them.

In his great book Antifragile, Nassim Taleb walks us through the fact that there’s a big difference between being fragile, being resilient, and being ANTIFRAGILE.


In short this is what ANTIFRAGILE is all about:

If you’re fragile and life hits you hard, guess what? You break.

If you’re resilient and life hits you hard, well you withstand more and maybe a little bit more, BUT eventually… you break.


If you’re ANTIFRAGILE, when life hits you hard you actually get stronger.

I LOVE that, think about it.

The more you get kicked around and challenged by life, the S T R O N G E R you get.

Wouldn’t that be awesome? Antifragile reveals how some systems thrive from shocks, volatility and uncertainty, instead of breaking from them, and how can we adapt more antifragile traits ourselves to thrive in an uncertain and chaotic world.  


Nassim reminds us and his wisdom would be good to remember:


A wind extinguishes a candle but fuels a fire.


Human bones get stronger when subjected to tension and stress. And we have all seen how rumours and riots intensify when repressed.


Many things in this life benefit from disorder, volatility, stress, and turmoil.


 Which also reminds me about this little gem from Rumi:


I am burning. If anyone lacks tinder, let her set her rubbish ablaze with my fire.


Let’s get ANTIFRAGILE, let’s build a bonfire.

Stay Focussed, Keep Positive and Choose to +1 in Every Moment. Fulfil Your Dreams and Awaken Your Greatness!


Toni x

Toni Eastwood OBE, MBA #TheWomanBeyond