Acres of Diamonds

In my last Blog we had fun with our new mantra: “No pressure, no diamonds.”

Continuing the diamond theme, let’s talk about Acres of Diamonds.

Have you ever heard it?

It’s a classic old-school self-development story from the Russell H. Conwell – probably the worlds first motivational speaker – we are talking 1843 – 1925) he spent his life supporting, teaching and inspiring others, he founded a university, a church and a hospital – WOWZERS!!! AND his works certainly inspired me.

This is a super-short version: Diamonds are being discovered in Africa. A farmer decides he’s going to head out in pursuit of his fortune, so he sells his farm, leaves his family and searches the continent for years. He finds nothing and, apparently, throws himself into a river and dies – what!!!

Lo and behold, the man who purchased his farm discovers a funny looking rock on his new land. That rock turns out to be one of the biggest diamonds ever discovered. The farm is covered with funny looking rocks like that. His farm becomes one of the most profitable diamond mines in the world.

Moral of the story: Before you head out in search of diamonds (or greener grass), check out your own back yard. You might (you will be!!!) just sitting on your own acres of diamonds.

This is a powerful exercise I use with my coaching clients and most importantly, I’ve said, before that I eat my own cooking, and this is a tool I use personally and with my team on a regular basis.

We are all so quick to rush out into the new again and again and again - whether in our business, creative pursuits or health and fitness routines.

But what if we slowed down and mined our own back yard a little more?

So, go ahead, what funny looking rocks do YOU have in your very own backyard that might just be priceless?

P.S. Here’s how another inspiration to me Brian Tracey captures another facet of the diamond in his book Maximum Achievement. 

He says  “The moral of this story was that the old farmer did not realise that the diamonds do not look like diamonds in their rough form. They simply look like rocks to an uneducated eye.

A diamond must be cut, faceted, polished, and set before it looks like the kind of diamond that you see in the jewellery stores. Likewise, your acres of diamonds probably lie right under your own feet. But they are usually disguised as hard work. ‘Opportunities come dressed in work clothes.’

Your acres of diamonds probably lie in your own talents, your interests, your education, your background and experience, your industry, your city, your contacts. Your acres of diamonds probably lie right under your own nose if you will take the time to recognise them and then go to work on them.”

Woop, Woop, love it, let’s do this. Take some time and get to work. Let me know what you found in Your Acres Of Diamonds. 

Stay Focussed, Keep Positive And Choose To Step Forward In To Growth In Every Moment.

Love, Hugs, High Fives and Fist Bumps

Toni x

Toni Eastwood OBE, MBA #TheWomanBeyond

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