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5 Ways To A Better You

In this three hour, action packed Mastery Class we are going to help you get clarity, And by clarity, I mean real clarity of purpose, beyond your wildest dreams – that you can ignite and make happen.

Because who doesn't want to achieve their big goals in business and life, we all know that those new years resolutions are way out of the window by now, right??

Earlier today my lead coach Lesley and I were discussing how frustrating it feels to not be doing what we’d really love to be doing, feeling unfulfilled, not appreciated or not good enough – we have both been there – many times in our careers.

We started sharing what we believe have been our most powerful personal growth tips and leaderships tools, the ones that we think were pivotal in building our own careers and that we go back to time and time again in our business and with our team.

And we both said wouldn’t it be great to share these with women like us, like you or those in your business to help them ignite their passion and overcome the barriers that have been holding them back.

SOooo literally that's what we are doing, bringing you 5 BIG IDEAS, in one jam packed Mastery Class '5 Ways to a Better You,”  we want to make sure you don’t miss it, or miss out on making 2022 your best year yet.

 We’ve got flexible times, and we've kept our price as low as we can, so whatever your current situation there is nothing stopping you…

5 Ways to A Better You – Mastery Class
Just £147.00

In Just 3 Hours, talk it through out loud to yourself – how great would it be to get clarity on your Purpose, your key goals for the next year?

How would it feel to break down the barriers and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back – if you’re like I was – FOR YEARS!!!

 Plus we promise to have fun doing it!!!

Think about the impact that achieving those goals, being clear on what YOU WANT is going to have on you and doing the work is going to have on everyone else.

Start to believe that it is possible and fall in love with the outcome.

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Now you're ready, let's get down to it... AND if you bring a colleague, they come half price

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On one of the following dates

Friday 11th Feb 2022 – 10.00 – 13.00

Wednesday 16th Feb 2022 – 18.00 – 21.00

Wednesday 23rd Feb 2022 - 10.00 - 13.00

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Reach Beyond Your Limits, Soar Beyond Your Barriers, Live Beyond Your Dreams.

It all starts with you - right here, right now.

Attend your session, we’ll share our 5 Ways to a Better You

Put the tips and tools into practice and have fun making a splash

Take action and get the results you desire ♥️

 I'm excited to see the magic happen, so make sure you’re on the next session

The biggest hurdle you face right now – is you.” 
Toni C. Eastwood OBE, MBA

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  • Friday 11th Feb 2022 – 10 am – 13.00
  • Wednesday 16th Feb 2022 – 18.00 – 21.00

To discuss or for more info call our Concierge Tracey on 01904 652 157,

Text 07507 770 341 or email hello@quantumvantage.co.uk

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